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Happy Mommy's Day!

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please send a bd card.....
I am asking those who read my blog to make a little boy's dream come true this May.
Shane Bernier will be turning 8 years old on May 30th. The little tyke is really sick and suffering from leukemia and will not make it on this earth for much longer.
He is hoping to make it into the Guiness Book of World Records for having the most birthday cards sent to him. I encourage you to send him a card as soon as possible as he is already eagerly counting them!

Cards can be sent to:

Shane Bernier
PO Box 484
Lancaster, Ontario
K0C 1N0
Thank you!
If you have sent a card or are planning on sending one, leave me a comment, as there may be a prize awarded to one of you.
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Sexy Temptress Administering Caresses and Yeses

Get Your Sexy Name

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Happy Easter!


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due to lack of love.....

Due to more loss of love within Mr. Spanky's fiberfilled heart.........

He has decided to knit himself a partner!

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Consider a certain night in August. Princess Leigh-Cheri was gazing out of her attic window. The moon was full. The moon was so bloated it was about to tip over. Imagine awakening to find the moon flat on its face on the bathroom floor, like the late Elvis Presley, poisoned by banana splits. It was a moon that could stir wild passions in a moo cow. A moon that could bring out the devil in a bunny rabbit. A moon that could turn lug nuts into moonstones, turn Little Red Riding Hood into the big bad wolf. For more than an hour, Leigh-Cheri stared into the mandala of the sky. "Does the moon have a purpose?" she inquired of Prince Charming.
Prince Charming pretended that she had asked a silly question. Perhaps she had. The same query put to the Remington SL3 elicited this response:
Albert Camus wrote that the only serious question is whether to kill yourself or not.
Tom Robbins wrote that the only serious question is whether time has a beginning and an end.
Camus clearly got up on the wrong side of the bed, and Robbins must have forgotten to set the alarm.
There is only one serious question. And that is:
Who knows how to make love stay?
Answer me that and I will tell you whether or not to kill yourself.

Taken from a Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins

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lack of love....

Due to the lack of love in mr. spanky's life....

he has taken up the habit of smoking.

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